Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) residents and the citizens of 33 listed countries can officially receive their tourist  or visit visa at a Qatari border point; no prior application or additional documentation is required.  All those traveling to Qatar should make sure their passport is valid for six months from the date of travel. Depending on the mood of the individual at passport control at the border entry point, it may also be necessary to display proof of accommodation and a return ticket. Generally, Visit Visa To Qatar From India are granted for two weeks (14 days) and can be renewed for an additional two weeks (14 days). They cost approximately 100 QAR. Preconditions for visit visa to Qatar from India include the beneficiary possessing a valid residency visa in one of the GCC states, or the visitor visiting his relatives who are residents in Qatar. So peoples want a Qatar tourist visa.

 Return visas are issued to visitors where they are granted permission to return once every six months or twice a year to their home country. Return Permit is provided to those who have lost their passports. It is issued to all categories of residents and residents with personal sponsorships and company sponsorships. However, an official letter from the sponsor and a copy of the company registration form should be sponsored by the company. The visa has a validity period the visa will be issued after the old passport is registered in the blacklist system.

Visit Visa To Qatar From India for Family Visits are issued to family members of those residing in Qatar for a short-term duration of one month. The visa is issued for a visiting family member, who is visiting their relative residing in the country. In case the visitor seeks to stay beyond one month in Qatar, the visitor will have to undergo a medical test before the end of one month period. Thereafter, the visa could be renewed for five months for immediate family members (includes father, mother, sister, sons), and two months for other relatives. This service permits employees in Qatar to bring in their families from abroad, or renew residence visas of their family members. Qatar is a very beautiful place so people  ask Qatar tourist visa.  The procedure to get a visit visa to Qatar from India is simple and affordable.

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