Qatar is having successful secrets in Tourist sector. They are implementing a variety  of entertaining activities to attract the people. Qatar is filled with  lots of attractive places . So many people are stepping to Qatar for watching its natural and artificial beauty. Both are competing each other to attract people . The requirement of tourist visa to Qatar is increasing. Because  Qatar developed as one of the safest country to travel. The main attractive point is its capital city. If you are having intention to make a holiday trip to Qatar, you Can use tourist visa.  There is an option to take joint tourist visa .  Joint  tourist visa to qatar  is issued upon arrival  at the border for citizens of 33 countries, is valid for one month. For applying tourist visa, You will be getting an application form , submit the same via hotel by an authorized person. You and your hotel authority  should produce identity card . The visiting person shall be a relative or in-law of the sponsoring resident in Qatar with first or second category relationship. As we know we have to produce application form. You should carry out clear passport copy. Copies of the document that proves the relationship like birth certificate or any other official document.

The State of Qatar issues Tourist Visas on appearance for excellent of 33 nations. Visas upon appearance are generally limited to citizens of choosing nations. There are some kinds of Qatar visit visa.

Tourist visa to Qatar : Tourists from nations outside the list may obtain a Vacationer Visa through Qatari embassies overseas or through arranging with a resort in Qatar.

Joint Qatar Tourist visa: Joint Tourist Visa in Qatar upon the appearance that will allow them to travel easily between Qatar and Oman. This one-month visa can be released on the internet, and is expansion for another 30 days.

Company Qatar tourist Visa: Company visas allow non-Qataris to perform and perform in the nation on a short-term foundation.

There are two kinds of economic visas – one that can be released upon appearance while the other needs application in advance . Those who wish to begin a brief business traveller may opt for the 72-hour business charge, which can be released upon appearance. The visa is expansion for another 72 time. Candidates are needed to bring proper certification showing the objective of their journey. Longer business visas are available for new expatriate employees and individuals performing short-term contract perform in Qatar. The visa is legitimate for a highest possible of three several weeks, and must be organized in advance by an accepted company or organization managing in Qatar.

Family associates Qatar Visit Visa: Expatriate employees may bring their close family members to Qatar on a Family associate Vacationer Visa in Qatar . The Visa is legitimate for one 30 days, and can be prolonged for up to six several weeks for immediate close family members and three several weeks for other family members. Visa owners who wish to apply for an expansion must go through a medical check.

Transportation Visa :The Transportation Visa is legitimate for up to 48 times. Seamen and motorists moving through Qatar are needed to bring appropriate transit visas, some of which can be released on the internet.

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