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The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)  promotes Qatar  participation in multilateral economic and financial organizations. The ministry of foreign affairs in Qatar helps to maintain and strengthening the relations between the State of Qatar and other countries. It is such a dedicated department in Qatar committed to defending and representing Qatar’s interests abroad.

It plays a major role to sustain peace, security, stability and sovereignty  the country .  They are keeping good relations with the UN to promote social and economic development among countries with similar goals. They do everything to compete with the world economy. They are sticking to Monitor and analyze world developments. It plays       an important role to establish diplomatic and consular relations with foreign countries. They Participate in regional and global negotiations and talks . They do everything to strengthen trust and communication between GCC countries . It Propose and draft laws and bylaws pertaining to the ministry’s functions along with Protect and represent the interests of Qatar and its people abroad. It is dedicated to promote and develop political, economic, commercial and social relations with other countries. Highlight the State of Qatar, its values and policies, while defending the country’s interests abroad. It helps Qatari nationals  who staying in abroad to renew passports.

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Application Form For Visiting Visa To Qatar

We are providing online application service for Qatar Visit Visa. We will advice you to provide required documents for submitting  online application process.  You can mail the documents to our Email id:

Things required:

1)      You will be getting an application form. You have to fill the form with carefully.

2)      You have to submit the copy of valid passport valid for at least six months .

3)      Produce 2 passport size photos.

4)      Family relation certificate for family visa.

5)      Documents   various for different types of visa.

Download Online Application Form For Visiting Visa To Qatar
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Private Visa To Qatar

There are lots of private institutions are issuing Visa for job purpose. This comes under the Recruitment Committee at the Labor Department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. The Companies should make a formal application for availing this facility. You should approach in a proper way the formalities of the embassy. The applicant must be aware about the embassy policies for private visa to qatar. This type of visa mainly using for job purpose. In Qatar you need a visa to work in the country . You need to get a sponsor for getting visa who should be a Qatar national to act as your sponsor. Once you have secured employment your new employer will apply for a NOC certificate for you and this will then be stamped onto your passport before entering the Doha Airport.Medical fitness  certificate is also required for entry into the country . The company you work let you know what you will require in the process.

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Business Visa For Qatar

Qatar is having fast  and highly developed business center. Qatar has emerged as a global successful business sector , continues to be the fastest growing economy in the world. Oil and gas exports are the main pillars of the economy accounting for the bulk of the state revenues. They  are doing hard work to improve their economic status. Now that work has already begun to prepare for the 2022 World Cup. Currently they are inviting lots of business A Business Visa allows entry to Qatar on a short-term basis for work-related visits, and is an alternative form of entry visa. This type of visa is granted to the companies and establishments that have a high business profile. For this type of visa they should able to get contract between the governments. Business visa for qatar also provided for companies and business establishments The visa is valid for one month and can be extended for another two months.

People who visit Qatar for the conference or to set up a business can enter the country on a business visa . For getting business visa Qatar a Qatari company should organize this visa, which is valid for two weeks and may be extended for another two weeks accordingly. However, most of the people do not travel to Qatar for short visits but in order to live and work there. Before entering the Qatar, they may need to get police clearance from their home country, also referred to as “Certificate of Good Conduct”. The employer in Qatar then arranges for their work visa and residence permit to be processed. Before a visa is approved it has to be reviewed by the Ministry of External Affairs.

This type of visa is granted to the companies and establishments that have a high profile business in their home country or other parts of the world. For this type of visa they should able to get contract between the governments. Business visa for Qatar also provided for companies and business establishments . It is now possible to obtain Business Visas for up to five years validity with multiple entry for technicians / experts going to India in pursuance of bilateral agreements or joint venture projects having government approval.

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Qatar Visit Visa Application Requirements For US Citizens.

For almost all the requirements are same with Qatar for all nations. You may find slight changes for Americans . This topic will help you understand the requirements separately . Visa Application Requirements for US citizens. Things  that required for Qatar visit visa various as per the types of visiting visa. But there is a common thing for all types of visa.The instructions and application requirements for US citizens to get Qatar visit visa are given below

1)  Passport requirements:

 Original passport and two photocopies of the photo/information pages. Passport must be signed, valid for 6 months beyond stay, with at least one blank visa page available for visa stamp(s) are the passport requirements.

2) Visa application form:

 The Qatar government implemented an application form for qatar visit visa purpose . You need to fill all the columns correctly.

3)  Photo Requirements: 

 Two recent 2 x 2 passport photographs, in color, front view and with a WHITE background. These must be professional photos on water resistant and tear resistant ID photo paper

 4)  Letter Of Invitation from Qatar:

 A letter of invitation from sponsor explaining the relationship to the applicant and the purpose of travel. In addition, the letter must indicate the length of stay, place of stay, and contact information. Confirmed onward airline ticket for a transit visa. For family visa need to produce a certain kind of document like marriage certificate, relationship certificate etc..

5) Business letter for business visa.

Letter from employer or sponsoring company in the US  introducing the applicant, indicating the applicant’s employment status/position held in the company and clearly stating the purpose of the visit. The business letter must also indicate who will be financially responsible for the applicant and must provide detailed contact information in host country.

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Qatar Holidays

The desert land, Qatar shines in all the way in the world map. Do you know why ? Sands are shining in nature with the sunlight. We can see that people can make stardom all over the world by using their skills. You will find the buildings in the Qatar are competing with your eyes. You may find the buildings that will not show you its end . The capital city will set you in dreamland. Every nation in the world is having a great history. Qatar also has a great history. The places like museum of Islamic art, katra cultural village, souq al waqif, he cornice, grand mosque, khor al udeid etc.. are standing in out of words to explain.

If you are moving out of Doha, you will have been welcomed by extraordinary places. Marroub fort ,Qata,marroub fort, Umm Salal Mohammed Fort, Shrao Island, Palm Tree Island and Ishat Island etc.will give you beautiful frames to enjoy.

Like  other Middle Eastern counterparts, Qatar is eager to make its mark on the world stage. 2022 FIFA world cup will bring the entire world to Qatar which is going to be a remarkable stone in Qatar history.

There will be lots of reasons to stop Holidays. The main thing is food problem. If you are not getting proper food, your body will stop you for the holidays. In Qatar you will be getting healthy, delicious and fresh foods. This will lead you to travel and travel again.Enjoy the holidays in Qatar. we are providing tourist visa to Qatar. Book your trip in Qatar Choose from thousands of great holiday deals to Qatar.

We can see say that in limited resources Qatar made unlimited beauty of the world map. Qatar is ready with its facilities to welcome you… Are you ready to enjoy your holidays in Qatar ?….

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Documents Required For Visiting Visa

Every nation is having certain kind of rules and regulations to approve a visa. Qatar is also following  certain kind of procedures to provide visa. According to the visa type the requirements of visiting visa various. We are leading you to gain clear knowledge about it.

Documents required for Family Visiting Visa to Qatar:

Qatar is ready to bring close your families , those who are working in Qatar. You have to submit  all types of supporting documents. You should have a copy of the attested work contract citing profession and salary details. They required  a valid document to prove the relations. Conduct certificate is must for adults from concerned authorities.  The applicant must submit a fitness certificate. Expat should pass the medical test as per the mechanism led by the concerned authorities. The wife should submit Copy of personal ID or passport of the resident husband along with a copy of attested marriage contract.  Almost all the documents are same as relative visa .In both cases a valid passport is must apply should able to produce  if any other documents required as per the present situations. Because national security policy may change .

Documents required for Work, Business, Transit, Official  Visiting Visa to Qatar:

The visitor should come with a credit card a  fixed credit limit for the same. He/she should produce hotel reservation details of the traveling  period . Visa holder should come with return ticket for business visa.  In order to process your work  visa you will need a Qatar national to act as your sponsor. As all businesses in Qatar are owned by citizens of Qatar it is normally your new employer who will also be your sponsor. A medical fitness certificate is compulsory.  You should bring your attention that all required details are subject to change as per the present situations.

Documents required for GCC resident Visiting Visa and Companion of GCC Citizen:

This visa provides for maids who accompany the residents in any of the residents of GCC countries. The companion should be resident  of any GCC company. Valid documents required like passport , passport size photo etc.

 Documents required for Tourist Visiting Visa:

Citizens from outside the above countries should arrange for a tourist visa through a Qatari embassy or hotel in Qatar.. You will be getting an application form , submit the same via hotel by an authorized person. You and your hotel authority  should produce identity card . The visiting person shall be a relative or in-law of the sponsoring resident in Qatar with first or second category relationship. As we know we have to produce application form. You should carry out clear passport copy. Copies of the document that proves the relationship like birth certificate or any other official document. 

Documents required for other type of Visiting Visa:

Fill the application form is must for all types of visa. For group visa  you have to submit Copy of the establishment ID of the sponsor along with the Passport copy of recruiting worker (Personal ID copy in case of personal sponsorship). The baby should have a passport or his/her name should be added in the passport of mother or father.The parents should have had a valid residence permit in Qatar. And an original birth certificate of the baby is compulsory.You have to  submit letters from accredited educational authorities in the country. Medical report and conduct certificate are required for an educational resident visa.


Documents required at a glance:

1.     Visa Application .

2.     Passport copies (applicant and companions).

3.     A letter to specify sponsor, whether from the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its diplomatic mission .

4.     Specifying the type of required permission (tourist, business, etc.).

5.     Permission classification (short term, long term, multiple entry, complementary) .

6.     Please ensure that the passport is valid (for at least 6 months)

7.     A clear passport photo, preferably a scanned passport instead of scanning the copy .


You should have aware about current updates from the embassy for Qatar visiting visa.

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How To Apply For Qatar Visit Visa

It is very simple and easy to apply for Qatar visiting visa.  The main thing is that the applicant must be aware about all the requested details. This topic makes you get relaxed  regarding this. Come ! Let us go for a study.

The application procedure for Qatar visit visa.

You should be clear about  the nature of visa that you required. You should be aware about your visit to Qatar. There are different types of visa like family visiting visa, tourist visiting visa, business visa for qatar , transit visa , etc..  Do you know what is the common required meant for all types of visiting visa? It is valid passport. If your passport is about to expire, you should renew. You have to produce a copy of the same along with your recent passport size photo. Obviously there is an application form. You need to read the form and fill the details.

As we said there are different requirements for different visa. Medical certificate submission is compulsory for all types of visa. For family visa the applicant must submit have a copy of the attested work contract citing profession and salary details. They required  a valid document to prove the relations. The visitor should come with a credit card a  fixed credit limit for the same. He/she should produce hotel reservation details of the traveling  period . Citizens from outside the above countries should arrange for a tourist visa through a Qatari embassy or hotel in Qatar.

If you are getting confused application procedure We the Helpline group of companies standing to help you. You may be running out of time in busy life.We are ready to spend our time to  save you valuable time . If you want to apply for Qatar visa, log on to


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Qatar Visiting Visa Policy

It is very simple and easy  to apply for Qatar visiting visa.  The main thing is that the applicant must be aware about all the requested details. This topic makes you get relaxed  regarding this. Come ! Let us go for a study …

The application procedure for Qatar visiting visa

There are different kinds of Visa policies in Qatar. As per the requirements of the expats they had implemented different types of visas like family visit visa, work visa, business visa, transit visa, tourist visa, investor visa etc..  your are requested to produce certain kind of documents like valid passport ,two passport size photos and invention letter from Qatar citizens.So let check Qatar Visiting Visa policy before forwarding.

An Outlook Of  Qatar Visiting Visa Policy

This ( Visa) endorsement on a passport indicating that the holder is allowed to enter, leave, or stay for a specified period of time in a country. All the visas are having fixed validity.  Applicants should remember that Qatar may change their  Visa policies when they required. Always you should reach the Qatar embassy for recent visa formalities.

Qatar Visiting Visa Policy is Changed:

From May 1st, 2010, nationals from 33 countries will no longer be able to apply for a visa on their arrival in Qatar. Qatari visa will only be edited by consulates prior to departure.

National from the following states are affected by this change in visa policy: Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, US and Vatican City.


contact now Qatar Embassy , India

EP 31 A, Chandragupta Marg Chanakyapuri
New Delhi

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