Qatar is famous for Arabian hospitality. They assure you a wonderful life in Qatar. There are different kinds of visiting visa to Qatar. Most of the visa is different in nature. We will help you to make an easy understand on it.  The capital city, Doha will give you extra ordinary frames to enjoy your Visit. Qatar is shining in the world map . Let us go through the brief journey before you capture  Qatar visit visa.

Family Visiting visa to Qatar:

The world is made by lots of families.  We are able to find out lots of people in Qatar are coming from different nations to save their family life.  Definitely !They are living in Qatar with beautiful memories of their family.  Blood relations always want to be staying together, as we know some times  it may not possible for always. Qatar understands family feelings, hence it had implemented family visiting visa. Spouses and children can stay in Qatar for up to six months on this visit visa; other relatives may stay for up to three months. However, please remember that this visa is only valid for an initial period of one month and must be renewed afterwards.

Work,Business, transit. official  visiting visa to Qatar:

Are you talented  and highly qualified candidate ? Qatar is  ready to provide you  work visit visa. You can make an exciting career in Qatar . There are lots of opportunities to start a business  in Qatar. In such case you can use business visiting visa.  If you want to stay for a short time in Qatar , you can use transit visas. For example you may have face  situations like connecting flight in Qatar and you need to stop over there for 2 days. In this situation comes under a transit visit visa. We can say that Qatar is having  the flexibility to adapt people from various nations. They are having fast developing economy, you can be part it by using above mentioned visas. Official purpose will cover under the title of official visiting visa.

GCC resident visiting visa and Companion of GCC Citizen:

This type of Qatar visit visa is provided for residents of the Gulf corporation council states  who arrive at any of Qatar’s borders.  This also having 14 days validity and eligible to extend for 14 days.  Visa for the companion  GCC residents provide for maids who accompany the residents in any of GCC residents . This type of visiting visas are only providing for GCC countries.

Tourist Visiting Visa:

Another type of Qatar visit visa. Joint  tourist is issued upon arrival  at the boarder for citizens of 33 countries, is valid for one month. Qatar is filled with  lots of attractive places . So many people are stepping to Qatar for watching its natural and artificial beauty. Both are competing each other to attract people . The requirement of tourist visa to Qatar is increasing. Because  Qatar developed as one of the safest country to travel. The main attractive point is its capital city. If you are having intention to make a holiday trip to Qatar, you Can use tourist visa.  There is an option to take joint tourist visa .

Other Type of visiting visa:

There are some other kind of visiting visa like to extend visa, real estate visa, investor visa. And there are some special visas like came race visa, seamen visa etc.  For new born babies also we should go for facility . They are not taking any charges for this.All the types  of visiting visa are having certain rules and regulations. We are there to assist you all types of visiting visa to Qatar.


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