A consular official at the Qatari consulate in Dubai has confirmed that all expatriate GCC residents will have to apply for a visa prior to arrival in Qatar, as part of new rules being enacted by the emirate for obtaining visit visa Qatar. Abu Dhabi is included in GCC countries there are different types of visa for Abu Dhabi.

Entry visit visa Qatar for companions of GCC Nationals includes citizens from Abu Dhabi. This visa is given for drivers or maids or who are in this status when they arrive at any border of Qatar directly from Abu Dhabi. This is valid for one month, can be extend for 5 months. For getting Entry visit visa Qatar the Companion should be a resident of any GCC country.   Qatar visit visa is given for residents of the Gulf Corporation Council states who arrive at any of Qatar’s borders. This is valid for 14 days and can be extending for another 14 days. The applicant should be in the following professions : Trader, Businessman, Commercial broker, Auditor, Accountant, Manager( All kinds), Investor, Partner, Quality supervisor, Marketing executive, PRO and sales man, Banker, Finance services officer, Pilot, Airhostess and flight crew, Flight beacon, Ship crew, Flight technician, Legal advisor, Juridical, Lawyer, Doctor, Psychologist, General specialist, Consultant (any), Pharmacist, Artist, Actor, Announcer, Journalist, Diplomat, University Professor, Special needs teacher, Computer programmer, Program designer, IT Analyst, Engineers (Any), Physicist, Chemist, Geologist and Agricultural specialist.

The official said that application process for a visit visa Qatar would take “two to three days” working days and there may be some hat he was not aware of any professions that were exempted from the regulations. Abu Dhabi residents can apply from Qatar embassy which situated in UAE to get Qatar Visit Visa.

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